H Frame Facade Scaffolding

H Frame Facade Scaffolding

H frame facade scaffolding is used especially in the construction sector, for the exterior processes of buildings and reaching high floors. It has easy installation and usage advantages. In addition to these specifications, H frame scaffolding is frequently preferred due to its high safety measures and carrying capacity.

H frame facade scaffolding generally consists of vertical and horizontal braces. In order to increase the carrying capacity of the scaffold, support elements placed diagonally between vertical elements are also used.

How to Install H Frame Facade Scaffolding?

Three different braces are used in H frame  exterior scaffolding: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Vertical braces are used to increase the height of the scaffold, while horizontal braces create a working area for the personnel working on the scaffold. The parts placed diagonally between vertical braces increase the carrying capacity of the scaffold. Diagonal braces are the most important parts that prevent the h frame scaffold from collapsing during use.

The position of the braces and the distances between them are of great importance when setting up H frame scaffolds. Vertical braces are 2 meters high. The best option for carrying capacity is that the length between each vertical element of 2 meters is 2.5 meters. The safest option as a horizontal brace is to use metal planks. However, depending on preference, straight stairs and wooden planks can also be used. In order to increase the carrying capacity of the scaffoldings, 2 diagonal braces should be placed between each vertical braces.

Prices of H Frame Facade Scaffold

Prices of H frame scaffold commonly vary according to the materials used in the production of the scaffold and the advantages offered by the scaffold. The materials used in scaffolding systems must be resistant to high forces and be affected at a minimum level by environmental conditions. Although the scaffolding you will purchase does not deteriorate under higher forces, the rusting of the scaffolding in the rainy areas will also negatively affect the use.

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