H Frame Scaffolding Prices

H Frame Scaffolding Prices

H frame scaffolding prices are calculated depending on a few different factors so may vary accordingly. H frame scaffoldings are a highly preferred exterior scaffolding system, as it is a practical system and contributes to work safety.

H frame scaffolding prices may change depending on the area, height and width of the scaffold. Security measures to be used on the scaffold and auxiliaries to be used like safety net also affect scaffold prices. H frame scaffoldings help you to save money with their working principle and practicality.

What is H frame Scaffolding?

The H frame scaffolding is a safe exterior scaffolding system that is set up in the shape of a tower with a pin lock system. It can be used in many different areas such as high-rise buildings, shipyards, power plant constructions, underground constructions, viaducts and bridges. It is a highly preferred system in our country with its practical system and easy stacking.

H frame scaffolding consists of H shaped chassis and H frame elements. H frame elements are installed on the chassis by locking them with a pin lock system. Thanks to this system, it is installed like a tower. It has high strength and carrying capacity. It can only be installed by manpower. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It does not take up much space in its stacking. Its longevity and being a practical system assist you saving money in the long run. This feature of the system should also be taken into consideration when searching for H frame scaffolding prices.

H Frame Scaffolding Standards

H frame scaffolding is a system with high security. It must be produced in accordance with international standards in order to meet the occupational health and safety requirements required by working at height. Producing and using in accordance with these standards is also important in terms of material life.

  • Scaffolding frames should be produced in a cross section of 48.3×3.00 mm, cross braces in 42×2.5mm and horizontal braces in 34×2.0mm. The braces are produced in TS EN 10219-1 standards after mechanical tests.
  • The system is galvanized in TS EN 12811-2 standards.
  • Welding process is carried out using gas metal arc weldings in accordance with EN ISO 3834-3 standards.
  • Walking platforms should be produced to have a carrying capacity of 300kg / m2.

H Frame Scaffolding

Second Hand H Frame Scaffolding Prices

H frame scaffoldings are long-lasting products if used in accordance with their instructions. It is strong against buckling as it has a rigid structure with its connection system. Therefore, you can prefer a correctly used second hand scaffolding. As Gürbüz Scaffolding, we produce and design exterior scaffolding systems in accordance with international standards. You can contact us to get information about exterior scaffolding systems suitable for your needs and second hand H frame scaffold prices.