h20 wooden beam

H20 Wooden Beam is offered to customers by Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork. The beam highly fuctional as it can be used to make different molds. The wooden beam has a multipurpose use and high carrying capacity. It is preferred because of its long life and easy adaptability.

The wooden beams are formed by laminating and joining the trees whose defects have been eliminated. Then, 3 layers of vertical and horizontal lamination is applied to the wooden beam to increase its strength. This also ensures that the tree does not twist and rotate. It is a useful building element as it is economical, lightweight and durable. H20 wooden beam with high bearing capacity is offered to our customers by our company.

Usage Areas of H20 Wooden Beam

This beam model is produced from plywood and is used for different purposes in reinforced concrete systems. It is more useful than traditional wooden beams. The H20 wooden beam helps companies save money and achieve productivity. The H20 beam has different uses as follows:

  • Reinforced concrete column
  • Reinforced concrete wall
  • Concrete Slab
  • Reinforced Concrete formwork systems

Advantages of H20 Wooden Beam

The H20 beam has various advantages. You can use them in your construction works taking these advantages into consideration as follows:

  • Lifetime is longer than other wooden beams.
  • Durable.
  • It adapts to different concrete projects and formwork applications.
  • It is very advantageous in terms of strength and durability.

With Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork’s experience and knowledge , you can complete your works safely and quickly with the wooden beam offered to the companies in the construction sector.

Construction of H20 Wooden Beam

This beam is produced from 40 x 80 mm solid wood as upper and lower head and the intermediate body is cut from 25 mm plywood. The parts are combined with cold glues, threaded joints and special clips. As a result of these operations, wooden beams are formed. H20 Beam is ideal for wall formwork, column formwork and floor formwork. H20 wooden beams can be used as roof purlins and beams and also used anywhere wood timber is used under carrier beam. H20 beam can be produced up to 450 cm. The length of the beam is entirely related to the size of the area used.

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