How To Make Scaffolding

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How to make scaffolding? Before the scaffolding is established, one of the most important points to be considered is that the scaffold is TSE certified. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork is at your side in installation and dismantling processes with all approved scaffolding.

Another important aspect of the making scaffolding is building the installation project of scaffolding. It is necessary to make static calculations in accordance with the installation project, assembly and usage of the scaffold. Our company performs all these operations and provides you to use the scaffold safely. How to make scaffolding?

How to Use Scaffold?

After the technical documents are completed, the installation of the scaffolding is carried out in accordance with the project. When the scaffolding is completed, the project is checked by the civil engineer and technician, then the certificate of conformity is obtained. The checks are performed periodically. It should be done at least once a week. The changes on the scaffold, seismic jolts and winds can disrupt the stability of the scaffold. Therefore, checks are required.

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What is Scaffolding?

The construction system that provides working at high points is called scaffolding. The scaffold creates a safe area during operation and meets transportation needs. For this, a structure consisting of different materials is established. There are scaffolds classified according to their use:

  • Facade Scaffolding: It is used for facade works of the buildings.
  • Spatial working scaffolding: The scaffolding established in different places takes large
  • Formwork Scaffolding: Scaffolding used in support of all construction works.

Scaffolds are tools that make working on high floors easy and reliable. The transportation of materials to the upper floors is made easier thanks to the scaffolding.

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How to Make Scaffolding?

How To Make Scaffolding
How To Make Scaffolding

Measures should be taken about occupational health and safety before the scaffolding is established. In addition, all precautions should be taken to avoid accidents at work. The scaffolding is gradually constructed as follows:

  • First of all, it is checked whether the scaffold has TSE certification and whether it meets the standards.
  • The stability of the ground is checked. If the ground is soil or fill, the necessary improvements should be made.
  • Static calculations of the scaffold should be made.
  • The personnel who will perform the installation of the scaffold must have the certificate of scaffold erection level 3.
  • Scaffolding installation must be performed by authorized persons.
  • After the scaffolding is installed, the scaffold should be checked and received by the civil engineers.
  • Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork provides the best service before and after the installation of the scaffold.