Industrial Curtain and Column Formworks

Industrial Curtain and Column Formworks

Industrial curtain and column formworks can be used in residential constructions, retaining walls, high buildings, bridge and viaduct abutments; systems that offer safe and economical options. These systems can be easily prepared in accordance with the desired dimensions.

Are industrial curtain and column formworks? They are practical systems that are frequently preferred in the building and construction sectors. These budget-friendly systems can prevent material waste. Since the mold surface is wide and flat, a smooth concrete mold is obtained. You can create your column molds in a way that will completely meet your needs.

Industrial Curtain and Column Molds Prices

Wooden beam industrial curtain column formwork is the most widely used formwork system in our time. It is quite easy for the formwork system used in one project to adapt to another project. The system can be designed according to different concrete pressures.

  • retaining walls
  • industrial buildings
  • Homes
  • Bridge and viaduct piers

It can be used in many fields, especially in Wooden beam formwork system; It consists of three parts: plywood , steel belt and H20 wooden beam. The formwork is taken to the balance with the struts that have the feature of pushing and pulling. concrete pressure; Tie-Rod nut is covered with Tie-Rod shaft and steel belts.

In our designs, fresh concrete pressure of 50 kN/m² for the walls and 90 kN/m² for the columns is taken into account. The larger the panel size, the higher the mold circulation rate. Since the mold surface is wide and flat, a smooth concrete surface is obtained.

It is possible to create special section or circular column forms with reservation elements. Smooth and high quality surfaces can be obtained with little labor. You can contact us for up-to-date information about the prices of industrial curtains and column formworks that we produce meticulously.

Industrial Curtain and Column Formworks

Modular Formwork Systems

They are formwork systems that are formed by assembling and assembling modules easily. Modular systems stand out with their light weight and easy application. It can be used in the production of vertical carrier systems and foundations. It does not matter whether the working surface is flat or sloping.

Sheet panels allow the production of both columns and curtains. Footed sheet metal panel systems can be preferred as rectangular or square columns in different sizes through the connection holes on them. Sheet panels can be moved to the application area, provided that they are in accordance with the dimensions in the mold application plan. Transported panels can be attached to each other using panel locks.

Industrial Curtain and Column Formworks

What is Industrial Mold?

Industrial formwork systems can be easily transported with a crane. As a result of the adaptation of wooden beams and steel belt elements, panels with different durability levels can be obtained. The board created at the beginning of the work can be used without the need for disassembly until the work is finished.

Flat, angled or circular curtains can be cast with formwork systems. With the industrial column formwork work console, concrete can be poured safely and practically . The system is designed by our company according to your mold projects.

Automatic gas metal arc welding machines are used in our production. The system is painted with special anti-rust paint, it can also be coated with galvanization upon request. Wooden beam formwork is a flexible system that can be adapted to different projects and strengths. It is possible to solve different projects by using the same parts.