Industrial Formwork Systems

Industrial Formwork Systems

Industrial formwork systems are produced in two main categories: floor formwork and curtain/column formwork. Slab formwork is a horizontal formwork system. Wall and column formwork have a vertical axis.

What do industrial formwork systems do? The industrial formwork system creates a model for giving the desired shape to the concrete. This model is called a mold. Mold is an auxiliary building material. It gives shape to sections such as columns, curtains, floors, and beams. Thus, the concrete can reach the desired bearing capacity. The system carrying the molds is called scaffolding. A crane is also used in some systems. In constructions where cranes are used, formwork consists of modules in the form of tables or panels.

What is Industrial Molding System?

What is industrial mold? It was basically an up-to-date system used for deck and column throwing in constructions. What are formwork systems? Floor and wall-column formwork systems can be examined in two groups as those used with cranes and systems independent of cranes.

While preparing the formwork in constructions without crane support or cranes, the parts must be transported entirely by human power. Therefore, mold materials should be in portable containers.

Endüstriyel Kalıp Sistemleri

In order to increase the performance of the employees, attention should be paid to the selection of light and small-sized materials.

In constructions where cranes are used, the formwork is formed from modules in the form of tables or panels. Material with a size and weight not exceeding the crane’s capacity should be used. In particular, systems consisting of parts with the same standard dimensions increase the speed and efficiency of the construction.

Our formwork and scaffolding systems, which are used in a wide variety of construction projects, go through an effective quality management process. Our productions are carried out in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards. In addition, TS EN 10219-2 requirements should be observed when installing products or equipment at the construction site.

Ideal Industrial Formwork Systems Features

Scaffolding and formwork systems are among the basic building materials of a construction site. You can benefit from the solutions of Gürbüz Pier for industrial systems produced by considering certain standards and using the most durable materials. We can list some of the features of the industrial mold systems that we produce as follows:

  • The size of the formwork panels should not exceed the crane capacity.
    • It should be installed with as few parts as possible.
    • There should be no size mismatch, and it should not leak.
    • Installation should be easy and understandable.
    • The mold must be produced by the manufacturer, taking into account certain criteria.
    • It should be cost-effective.

How much are industrial mold prices? You can contact us for new or used scaffolding and formwork systems. The most durable systems are at Gürbüz Pier, at the most affordable prices! Moreover, with rental options…