Mobile Scaffolding Systems

Modular Scaffolding

Mobile scaffolding systems are used in high working areas inside or outside the zones. One of the most important advantages of mobile scaffolding is that it can be formed at the desired height and width.

Mobile scaffolding systems especially used in ceiling, suspended ceiling, lighting, paint, and coating works. It plays an active role in minimizing occupational accidents thanks to its ladders that have internal door.

Advantages of Mobile Scaffolding Systems

Castors with carbon fiber brakes are used for high mobility and fixation at the desired location. Braked castors give your job high mobility and speed. A single person can easily move the mobile scaffold by means of fiber castors.

It provides a reliable and comfortable working environment for workers and works to be done. Since the mobile scaffold is portable, it can be easily stored.

What is a Flanged Scaffolding System?

Flanged scaffolding consists of vertical elements and horizontal elements consisting springly lock. In vertical elements, A1 quality of sheet metal flanges in 10 mm thickness are used.

  • Ledgers with locking mechanism provide 8-way connection to flanges with tubes.
  • 8 horizontal or longitudinal elements can be installed on each flange of the vertical connection elements.
  • This system allows horizontal elements to move 360 ​​degrees around a vertical pipe. In this way, it provides a practical workflow by adapting to any intrusion and protrusions on the work surface.
  • Vertical elements can be welded to a 10 mm flange with 50 or 100 cm intervals as standard or can be made in different applications specially for your projects.
  • Base jack, eye bolt, ledger, walking platform and ladder are used as auxiliary elements.
  • The highest level safety is provided with the scaffolding including guardrail. It is produced in accordance with all kinds of flange gaps.

Where is Flanged Scaffolding System Used?

Flanged scaffolding is a scaffolding system that can be used in industrial buildings, ship construction and repairs, power plants, production facilities such as cement, construction areas such as tunnel dams and all kinds of facade works.

Flanged scaffolding system has a high carrying capacity with its rosette without requiring many connection apparatus. It is a scaffolding system that can be used as a shoring system.

Flanged scaffolding is a system that can be used as a mobile scaffolding system with the wheel system added to base jack.

Scaffold Formwork