Practical Scaffolding and Formwork Systems

Practical Scaffolding and Formwork Systems

Practical scaffolding and formwork systems preserve the structure of the elements used in construction areas until the desired form or durability level is reached. Practical scaffolding systems are frequently in demand in industries such as construction and mining.

practical scaffolding and formwork systems do? Many projects can be realized thanks to these systems, which are produced by considering national and international standards. Practical systems can be installed quickly and simply. Thanks to these systems, which are developed using durable materials and taking into account safety precautions, the possibility of occupational accidents is minimized.

What are Practical Scaffolding and Formwork Systems?

What is scaffolding formwork system? These systems are portable products produced in order to reach the required height in construction sites and to carry loads. For example, table formwork systems have a structure that can carry heavy loads and are frequently used in areas such as bridges, viaducts, and switchboards.

Easy installation and portability are important concepts for scaffolding systems. Thanks to mobile scaffolding systems, also known as mobile scaffolding, various interior and exterior works are easily completed. The systems can be installed at different heights. What are the features of mobile systems?

Products up to 8 meters high are 38×2 mm, and products in higher areas are 42×2.5 mm. Pipes measuring 27×2.5 mm are used in cross connections. Automatic gas metal arc welding machines are used in the systems produced by Gürbüz İskele. Mobile systems basically consist of the following parts;

  • Wheel base
  • flange strut
  • Wedge fasteners
  • interior stairs
  • working platform
  • adjustable struts

What are the types of scaffolding?

What are scaffolding equipment? There are many types of formwork systems that are frequently preferred in building and construction works. As a company operating in the construction sector, Gürbüz İskele manufactures scaffolding and formwork systems with high safety features. Some of these systems can be listed as follows.

  • Exterior scaffolding : These systems can be used in all kinds of façade works, restoration processes for art and historical buildings, or shipbuilding.
  • Scaffolding systems under formwork: It is preferred in all kinds of flooring systems such as cork or hollow block. It is extremely easy to install and has a high load carrying capacity.
  • Flanged spider scaffolding: System elements consist of horizontal and vertical elements of different sizes. There is only one connection point and this part is joined by 8 horizontal elements, 4 of which are 90 degrees and 4 are 45 degrees.
  • Formwork systems: It is frequently preferred in facade, paint, sheathing and insulation works, wall construction, facade cladding and coating processes.

What Does Formwork Scaffold Do?

Scaffolding and formwork equipment work in harmony with each other, helping to create safe and functional products. For example, flanged Scaffolding parts are the elements used in the installation of spider scaffolds . These parts are; lock systems consist of main schematic parts and elements that increase security.

The experienced team of Gürbüz Pier manufactures scaffolding and formwork systems with great care. The products are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the TS EN 10219-1 norm. As a scaffolding and formwork systems manufacturer, our priority is to prevent accidents that damage property and equipment, and personal injury. You can contact us to send your questions or order requests about the products we ship to all over Turkey.