Price of Exterior Scaffolding

Price of Exterior Scaffolding

Price of exterior scaffolding vary depending on the system and area to be used. The prices of the scaffold has some determinants such as the type of scaffold used and the size and height of the area to be built as well as the security equipment to be added to the system.

Price of exterior scaffolding are calculated according to different projects. Exterior scaffolding is one of the basic elements of many industries. It provides a safe working area where is in the need of working at height. It has a wide usage area such as all exterior and wall works, plaster works, tunnel construction, shipyards. There are several different kinds of safe scaffolding classified on their installation systems.

Types of Exterior Scaffolding

Fully secure scaffolding is classified based on the installation systems. The scaffolding system should be chosen that  is most compatible with the working surface and working area. Followings are the types of exterior scaffolding:

  • Ring-lock Scaffolding: It is a secured scaffolding system established by combining horizontal and vertical braces with rosette, wedge pin and base collar. It is also called as spider scaffolding. It is simple to assemble and It has a high bearing capacity and durability.
  • Modular Scaffolding: The modular scaffold can be used indoors and outdoors. It has mobility with its wheel base, therefore it contributes to the speed of working on large surfaces. It is used in works like installation and
  • H Frame Scaffolding: H frame scaffolding is a highly preferred model in our country. It is installed after making the H-shaped frame with cross and horizontal braces. It is preferred in high buildings. It can be used in all interior and exterior works, dam, skyscraper, power plant constructions.

How to Calculate Price of Exterior Scaffolding?

Price of exterior scaffolding differs according to the requirements of the project. First of all, which type of scaffolding will be used should be selected. Then these are projected that the width of the surface where the preferred system will be installed and the maximum height where the scaffold will exit. According to these data, the price of the exterior scaffolding is determined on m2. Safety net and personal protective equipment should also be purchased to comply with work safety rules.

Rental Prices of Exterior Scaffolding

For some projects, as a single scaffolding is enough to have, buying a new exterior scaffold can be too costly for single use. In this case, you can benefit from the rental service of exterior scaffold. As Gürbüz Scaffolding, we design and install the scaffolding systems that best suit your needs. Our exterior scaffoldings are produced in accordance with international standards and offered to our customers with the advantage of renting.

Exterior Scaffolding Standards

Our scaffoldings are produced in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. Our products are TS EN 12810-1 certified and manufactured in accordance with the standards of TS EN 12810-2, TS EN 12811-1, TS EN 12811-2, TS EN 12811-3, TS EN 12811-4, EN 74-3 EN 74-1.

As Gürbüz Scaffolding, we offer the most suitable scaffolding and formwork systems solutions for your project. You can contact us for more information.