Ring-lock Scaffolding Manufacturer

Ring-lock Scaffolding Manufacturer

With Gürbüz Scaffolding which has been serving as a ring-lock scaffolding manufacturer for more than 30 years, you can have a scaffolding at a much more affordable price.

Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems is one of the ring-lock scaffolding manufacturers serving at high quality standards. Ring-lock scaffolding always provides users some advantages like installation and carrying capacity. So, what are the advantages of Ring-lock scaffolding for users?

High Quality From Ring-lock Scaffolding Manufacturer

Ring-lock exterior scaffolding is generally formed by combining vertical and horizontal braces. All braces fixed on ring-lock ports ensure the system stands together securely.

Ring-lock scaffolding is generally assembled much faster than other systems. The shorter assembly time of the scaffold offers various advantages both in installation and transportation. In addition, Ring-lock scaffolding is used for short-term operations in the indoor constructions.

Installation of Ring-lock Scaffolding

Ring-lock scaffolding is very simple to install compared to other scaffolding systems. Only the use of hammer and manpower will be sufficient for the installation. In the installation, it is necessary to make sure that the floor is flat with the help of a balance.

In the design of the scaffold to be erected on adjustable base jack, gaps of 50 cm to 1 meter can be left between the rosettes depending on the need. The main carrier beams are placed on the four-way heads to ensure the durability of the system. The vertical and horizontal braces are fixed with a wedge pin and the installation of the scaffold is completed.

In order for the ring-lock scaffolding systems to become more durable, the distances between the rosettes of the systems must be adjusted depending on the load to be carried on the scaffolding. The distance between the rosettes can be increased from 50 cm to 1 meter. In order to increase the load capacity to be carried, the distance between the rosettes should be shortened.

The horizontal and vertical braces should be reinforced with diagonal braces in order to increase the strength and resistance of the ring-lock scaffold against external factors such as wind.