Safe Scaffolding Installation

Safe Scaffolding Installation

Safe scaffolding installation contributes to the safe focus of workers on their work. Security scaffolding is used in construction , maintenance, repair and demolition works in all building structures ; They are temporary construction structures that provide both safe access to the work area and a safe working environment.

Safe scaffolding installation is a very important stage for the construction industry, which is one of the most risky sectors in terms of occupational health and safety. A security scaffold consists of some components. These can be listed as the main carrier (panel), horizontal railings, cross railings, platforms that ensure safe working, and access ladders for safe access.

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How to Install Safe Scaffolding?

Our company makes secure scaffolding installations in world-accepted standards. After the necessary preliminary preparations are completed, the process steps can be summarized as follows:

  • Frames are attached by placing all the lower adjustment shafts in the direction where the scaffold will be built.
  • Installation continues with the installation of horizontal guardrail pipes between the frames.
  • By installing the diagonal connection pipe suitable for the distance between the two frames, the robustness of the system under load is increased.
  • The other module in the horizontal position is completed and the ladder platform and normal platforms are included in the system.
  • The installation of the module begins with the placement of the frames by going to an upper floor via the platform with stairs.
  • Installation continues with the installation of horizontal railing pipes.
  • The diagonal connection pipe is mounted on the upper module.
  • Scaffolding safety pipes are included in the system to ensure safety at the ends.
  • The skirting boards are installed.
  • The installation of the upper module is completed when the ladder and normal platforms take their place in the system.
  • The connection of the scaffold with the façade is ensured by mounting fixings at the determined points.
  • The installation continues by repeating the steps of the platform with ladders until reaching the top floor of the scaffolding.
  • When it comes to the last floor of the scaffolding, railings are installed and horizontal railing pipes are mounted.
  • The installation is completed by adding the scaffolding safety pipe and skirting boards to the system.
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What Should Be Considered While Installing the Safety Scaffolding System?

Who does the scaffolding installation? Experienced companies such as Gürbüz Pier are also at your side in secure scaffolding installations. How to set up a secure scaffolding ? In order to make the scaffolding ready in the project area safely, the scaffolding installation standards should be taken into account.

First of all, the stability of the floor to be installed should be checked. Precautions should be taken against slips that may occur due to the weight of the scaffold and the loads on it. If the installation will be made on soil or fill ground, compaction should be done on the ground.

When necessary, wooden wedges can be placed under the lower adjustment shafts that ensure the contact of the scaffold with the ground, allowing the load to be spread over a wider area. The first stage of the assembly process is the placement of the lower adjustment shafts.

Occupational safety is indispensable for projects. Protecting the health of workers should be the primary duty of the company. This issue is important not only for the workers, but also for the company and the business . Safe scaffolding installation options are available for all scaffolding types and formwork systems , some of which are listed below .

  • flanged scaffolding
  • exterior scaffolding
  • Modular facade scaffolding
  • hive pier
  • H type scaffolding systems
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Safe scaffolding: Safe Workspace

Today, the use of technological formwork and scaffolding systems is one of the most important elements that ensure the fast, high quality and safe construction of modern structures.

According to statistical studies, 1 out of every 3 fatal work accidents in our country is experienced in the construction/building sector. The widespread use of industrial formwork and scaffolding systems in accordance with international norms draws attention as an important factor that will ensure a significant reduction in occupational accidents.

Safe scaffolding is applicable for different scaffolding types. Exterior scaffoldings with different sub-areas are among them. How to install exterior scaffolding? Safe exterior scaffolding installation is not much different from the installation stages we mentioned earlier. After the preliminary investigations such as the ground structure and dimensions of the installation area are completed, the installation begins in accordance with the conditions.

Gürbüz İskele also provides consultancy services on occupational health and safety. You can contact us to get information about security scaffolding prices and to forward your purchase requests from all over the country.