Safely Facade Scaffolding

Safely Facade Scaffolding Near Me

Safely Facade Scaffolding is a construction equipment that maximizes employee safety. This temporary construction structure has been designed and manufactured in accordance with working standards on the facade. Areas with ladders and transition corridors in the frame are where security is provided. In these areas, people are able to work going the side they want to pass without consuming much energy. It both provides less effort and transition in a shorter time.

Safely Facade Scaffolding is used in areas up to 2 meters. In the case of using it at distances of more than 2 meters, guardrail systems must be added every 3 meters.

Usage Areas of Safely Facade Scaffolding

Providing security in building areas that are still under construction is an important issue. This security has important dimensions in terms of both legal obligation and employer. Health of  workers in the construction is significant. Providing workplace safety and health protection are issues to be considered. Nowadays, these issues are coming up more and more. For this reason, the widespread use of safely scaffolding and ensuring workplace safety is an important obligation.

Temporary facade scaffolds in the construction site help generate an accident-free working environment. Creating safe structures and taking the necessary measures largely prevent workplace accidents. It is possible to use Safely Facade Scaffolding for works such as:

  • Facade painting
  • Facade insulation
  • Ship building
  • Facade rendering
  • Building a tunnel
  • Dam construction
  • Facade cladding
  • Facade maintenance and repair

Use of Safely Scaffolding

Safely Scaffolding is a temporary structure produced to ensure the safety of construction workers. Since all the safety measures of this temporary structure are taken, it provides life safety. The technological developments have also been helped to increase this type of safely scaffoldings.

Wooden and iron alloy scaffolds are now being replaced by Safely Scaffoldings. These scaffoldings, which have full security and equipment, are both comfortable and easy to use. They are very advantageous systems as they ensure the transition of employees in a shorter time.

In this temporary building, there are wide and safe corridors and ladders. This production, which is the result of the combination of good quality materials and safe design, aims to greatly reduce the accidents that occur in the construction industry.

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