Sale of Scaffolding Equipment

Sale of Scaffolding Equipment

While Gürbüz Scaffolding serves with the sale of scaffolding equipment, it also manufactures scaffolding equipment to be used in repairing, insulation jacketing and plastering of buildings. In particular, the equipment is very important in terms of safety and it allows staff to easily reach high floors.

The sale of scaffolding equipment made by our company has enabled many companies to solve the security problem. Transporting heavy materials to the upper floors sometimes causes troubles. With scaffolding equipment, you can do it easily and have a safe and practical working environment on each floor.

Salw of Safe Scaffolding Equipment

Scaffoldings are among the construction tools used for reaching different heights. The following works are carried out through the scaffolds:

  • Facade processes
  • Jacketing
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Paint

One of the most important issues is ensuring security during these processes. In addition, the carrying tools and equipment is among the priority jobs. Scaffolding equipment is used for all this. With scaffolding equipment, the safety of not only the personnel but also the surrounding people is ensured in the construction areas.

Scaffolding Equipment

Some equipment is needed to ensure durability during the installation of the scaffolds. The scaffolding parts are connected through the good quality and durable equipment. The connection equipment makes the scaffold a whole unit and ensures the stability of scaffold against any external factors This provides security. Different equipment can be used in the scaffolds to ensure safety. Nets produced according to the condition of the buildings not only provide security but also protect the structure that they are working on against all weather conditions. In addition, the following equipment is used:

  • Metal base plate
  • Ballast and rod
  • Clamps

It is possible to use galvanized materials as much as you want.

Ankara Scaffolding Equipment

Gurbuz Scaffolding serves with the scaffolding equipment in the many locations in Turkey and in the world. You can create a safer working environment with scaffolding equipment which can be produced for scaffolds of different sizes. If you want to complete your work in a practical and fast way, you can benefit from the scaffolding systems and scaffolding equipment produced by our company. Our company also carries out after-sales maintenance of the scaffolding equipment it produces. For this, you can follow us on our social media accounts and contact our company by phone to get detailed information.