Scaffolding For Sale

Scaffolding For Sale

Scaffoldings for sale are used in facade work, art and historical building restorations, shipbuilding, elevator well and construction of bridge and viaduct. Gürbüz Scaffolding & Formwork, which never breaks customers’ trust, offers an advantage of fair prices in sale of scaffolds used in construction thanks to its experience in the industry.

Scaffolding in Ankara

Industrial scaffoldings have different price levels for sale. Our firm, Gürbüz Scaffolding & Formwork, serves with the scaffolds and formworks in two categories by offering prices that supply economic benefits to the customers:

  • Facade Scaffoldings for sale
  • Slab Scaffoldings for sale

When purchasing scaffolding, you should pay attention to some points. Those points are must for the safety of both your employees and people passing by the building you work on.  When you buy a scaffold for sale, you should pay attention to:

  • The safety and security of scaffolding systems is very significant.
  • Load carrying capacity must be high.
  • It must be fixed to the facade.
  • It must be made with high quality materials.
  • There must be a cover for safety at the edges.
  • Most importantly, it must comply with TS EN 10219-1 and TS EN 10219-2 norms.
  • Assembly and disassembly should be done effortlessly.
Scaffolding For Sale
Scaffolding For Sale

Facade Scaffolding

Facade Scaffoldings are established in three different types:

  • H Frame Scaffoldings
  • Ring Lock Scaffoldings
  • Modular Scaffoldings

Scaffoldings that you can use in all kinds of facade works ensure the safety of pedestrians within the construction zone. The system consists of horizontal and diagonal elements, steel plank, attic ladder, side guards and toe boards. Steel planks and edge protection provide a safe and secure working environment. Safe passages are made through the attic ladder. The system is fixed to the wall with tiji.

The highest quality materials are used in each of the scaffolds for sale which are H Frame Scaffold, Ring Lock Scaffold, and Modular Scaffolds. Because, in those systems safety is extremely important besides being a well-functioning operation.

Gürbüz Scaffolding & Formwork, which also serves scaffoldings for rent, accompany you from projection to demounting by serving 24/7. Additionally, supervision and project services are provided. You can call our company to take detailed information about scaffoldings for sale. You can complete all your work fast and on time with the scaffolding and formwork systems which meet the required standards with a high quality.