Second-hand Exterior Scaffolding Prices

İkinci el Dış Cephe İskele Fiyatları

Second-hand exterior scaffolding prices vary according to the general condition of the scaffold, its dimensions and type. Used exterior scaffolding may be more advantageous for people in some situations. Those who are considering buying a second-hand exterior scaffolding for sale can find detailed information in this article.

Second-hand scaffolding prices may be more affordable than a new scaffolding price. But the purpose of the scaffolding is important. Some companies or individuals may need scaffolding for short-term work. In these cases, it may be more advantageous to buy a second-hand exterior scaffolding instead of a new one. Firms with permanent scaffolding use, on the other hand, obtain a longer-lasting use by purchasing zero exterior scaffolding.

What are the Types of Exterior Scaffolding?

Second-hand exterior scaffolding can choose from different types of scaffolding according to the purpose of use. Exterior scaffolds are divided into 3 types according to the installation system;

  • H type scaffolding: It is established by combining H schematic frames with cross and horizontal connections. It can be preferred in high buildings and thick floors.
  • Wedge flanged facade scaffolding: It is a scaffolding system in which horizontal and vertical pipes are installed using fasteners. It can be preferred for large surfaces.
  • Modular Scaffolding: This scaffolding system, which has mobility thanks to its wheels, can be used for interior facade, restoration and installation works.

You can choose the exterior scaffolding system that will serve your needs in the most appropriate way. Before buying scaffolding, you should make sure that it is produced in national and international standards.

How Much Are Second-hand Scaffolding Prices?

Second-hand scaffolds are those that are sold after being used for a certain period of time. Second hand scaffolding prices may vary depending on the condition of the pier. Exterior scaffolding system prices are determined according to the following conditions;

  • type of pier,
  • Dimensions of the pier,
  • Safety equipment used at the pier,
  • The previous usage period of the scaffold,
  • General condition and health of the pier.

Scaffolding prices are determined according to these situations.

Another method that provides advantages in terms of cost is the scaffold rental service. Rental exterior scaffolding can be preferred by people who need scaffolding temporarily. It can be rented in desired types and sizes. Rental scaffolding prices vary according to the rental period and scaffolding features.

Used Exterior Scaffolding

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