Slab Prop Near Me

Slab Prop is a practical and effortless system used in telescopic prob slab and beam mold applications. The system is used in projects with mess and short floor gaps in column and curtain locations.

Slab props can be produced in different sizes according to the size of the construction area. This is the main advantage of the system. It is also very easy to use. Other advantages for Slab Prop are its wide range of adjustments, being budget-friendly, ease of application, long life and reusability.

Technical Information of Slab Prop

The features of the system can be listed as follows:

  • Outer tube is 60 × 2.5 mm
  • Inner tube is 48 × 5 mm or 48 × 3 mm
  • Tubes are TS EN 10219-1 certified.
  • Production is carried out in gas welding robots at EN ISO 3834-3 quality standards.
  • Holes are made at 10 cm intervals through special drilling robots without deforming the
  • Depending on beam supporting slab, it is used under slab and beam.
  • With addition of a four-way head jack attached to head of prop, it can be used with the H20 wooden beam.
  • The carrying capacity of telescopic prop is 14 kN / perpendicular.
  • The system is special antipast painted. It can be galvanized upon request.

System Advantages

Slab Prop has many advantages. The system is used with four-way or U-head, tripod and H20 wooden beam to create all kinds of slab molds. The reasons for the system being preferred are the flexibility of the adjustment range, the degree of precision, budget-friendly and the high number of reuses. It is possible to dilute or tighten the formwork material according to the floor load. Systems can be manufactured in different sizes depending on different working heights. It should be noted that slab formwork is a building material whose economic and reliability has been proven.

Ankara Slab Prop

The system is manufactured in accordance with TR-EN 1065 quality standard. There are two different types of AS-EKO light series. Slab Prop is also named as Telescopic Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolding, Adjustable Scaffold, Slab Formwork, Telescope Pole, and Construction Slab in the market. In general, it is widely preferred in projects such as residences, villas, business and shopping centers, hospitals and health facilities. It is an easy system to assembly and disassembly. It can be adjusted to work at different heights. There is no settlement restriction in plans. It can be used comfortably as a supplement with other systems. The main element of the system is slab. The system is completed with auxiliary elements such as tripod, U-Head, and Double-Way Head.

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