Telescopic Pole

Telescopic pole systems consist of telescopic tubes that can be extended and are mostly used in mobile vehicles. Their easy transportation makes them extremely useful systems. Systems that can easily adapt to changes by adjusting their height allow you to carry out your work more efficiently.

What is a telescopic pole? They are usually produced in two different types and are successfully used in projects such as housing, shopping centers or health facilities. TS-EN 1065 quality standards should be taken into consideration in production. So what is a telescopic mast? Telescopic poles are also known in the market with names such as construction pole, iron pole or construction formwork pole.

2nd Hand Telescopic Pole Prices

Telescopic poles are made of lightweight and durable materials. Different pole types can incorporate different features. For example, it is possible to connect different materials to the system with an adapter to be placed at the top of the pole. Telescopic masts are highly functional as construction materials.

Among the telescopic construction pole models for sale, there are alternatives that can be preferred as second-hand. Since these poles are manufactured in a very robust and lightweight structure, their use, especially in construction sites, is efficient. Mining, restoration and recycling activities can also benefit from the use of pillars.

Telescopic Pole

If long-term use is planned, it is recommended to prefer new products instead of second-hand. Thus, more durable, long-lasting and guaranteed products can be obtained. In short-term projects, if a temporary use is planned, the telescope pole rental option stands out. So how much are construction iron pole prices? Prices may vary according to the size of the pole and the quality of the material used in its construction. You can contact us for current price information.

Telescopic Mast Dimensions

What does telescoping mast mean? Telescoping posts are auxiliary elements generally used in the construction of reinforced concrete structures. It is used to adjust the height of the formwork systems and to support the molds during stages such as freezing of concrete. Due to the strut pole mechanism, assembly and disassembly can be carried out quickly and easily.

Telescopic iron poles produced by Gürbüz Scaffolding are adjustable. The systems generally consist of 300, 350 and 400 cm pipe uprights. Both local and global quality standards are taken into account in production. Thus, safety reaches maximum levels.

Speed up your projects with uprights, which are also available as second-hand construction materials! These products can be used to form all types of slab formwork and can respond to different requirements with enhancements such as u-head and double-way head. One of the most important advantages of the uprights is that they can be used for applications at different heights at the same time. This is due to its adjustable structure, which is designed in different lengths.

Telescopic Pole

What is Telescopic Strut?

We have already mentioned that uprights are referred to by names such as telescopic uprights. Construction, as a comprehensive sector, includes construction activities in general. In applications such as restoration and recycling, the aforementioned uprights can also be utilized. The size of the poles may vary according to the project to be used.

The building/construction sector is an area where scaffolding and formwork systems and materials such as formwork locks are frequently preferred. Formwork locks are products that are used to.