The Importance of Job Security


The issue of The Importance of Job Security is very important, especially for companies operating in the construction sector. Because construction owners, who are legally obliged to ensure the safety of their workers working in their construction, can therefore receive the support of some companies serving in the occupational safety sector.

What is the Importance of Job Security? Work safety is the guarantee of the continuity of work in any business or company. If the health of the employee is not protected, this will have both legal consequences and additional work will be required for the employment of new workers. Article 82 of the Labor Law regulates the matters in the field of occupational health and safety, known as OSH.

What is The Importance of Job Security?

Unfortunately, the incidence of work accidents and occupational diseases in our country is increasing day by day. The concept of occupational safety gains great importance, especially in areas of activity with a high potential for danger, such as construction, mining, chemical production.

What are the benefits of occupational health and safety? In cases where work safety cannot be ensured, both the materials in the work area may be damaged and the life of the worker may be endangered. Conditions such as injury, death, temporary or permanent disability can be observed. Businesses that fail to protect the health of their employees may face criminal sanctions. In addition, trust in the brand is shaken. Based on the data, it can be said that “occupational safety is of great importance in terms of business”.

Existing business owners or managers who want to establish a new company/business should carefully examine the Labor Law and be sufficiently informed about occupational health and safety practices. Security should be the cornerstone of a business.


The Importance and Purpose of Occupational Safety

Workplaces designed in accordance with occupational health and safety rules not only protect the health of the employee, but also ensure the protection of work materials owned by the enterprise. The main objectives of occupational safety can be listed as follows:

  • To protect the employee physically or mentally,
  • To prevent the employee from having an accident or contracting an occupational disease,
  • If a health problem arises, to meet the treatment of the employees,
  • To determine the level of damage or harm that has occurred objectively, with ethical and scientific methods.

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