Types of Exterior Scaffolding

Types of Exterior Scaffolding

Types of exterior scaffolding vary depending on how the scaffolds are set up and used. Facade scaffolds can be used in various work areas and in various sizes. Therefore, different scaffolds can be preferred according to the working areas.

Types of exterior scaffolding are classified on their connection systems. The scaffolds are chosen by designing according to the area to be used, the load that will be carried and its height. the physical factors in the work area such as wind should also be taken into account while selecting. There are 3 types of exterior scaffolding which are modular scaffolding, ring-lock scaffolding and H frame scaffolding.

What is Exterior Scaffolding?

Exterior scaffolding is the most common work equipment used in the construction industry. It is established for safe working and transportation at height. It can be used in many different areas such as wall construction, painting and insulation works, interior and exterior plastering, facade cladding, shipbuilding, tunnel construction, and dam construction. In addition to providing a safe working area for employees, it provides advantages such as more efficient and faster work and material unloading. The most common type of scaffolding in our country is the exterior scaffold that covers along the surface of the construction.

What are the Types of Exterior Scaffolding?

Types of exterior scaffolding are divided into 3 based on their installation systems.

H Frame Scaffolding

H Frame Scaffolding is one of the most used scaffold types in our country. It is a scaffold with a cage system consisting of modules. It is installed by connecting a H frame with longitudinal and horizontal braces. H frames are 2 meters high and 2.5 meters long. It is preferred in high and thick floors. Walking platforms can have a carrying capacity of 300kg / m².

Ring Lock Scaffolding

It is also known as spider scaffolding. It is installed by combining horizontal and vertical braces using rosette, mouthpiece and wedge pins. It can be set up quickly and is easy to transport. It has a high load carrying capacity. Hammer and manpower are enough for installation. Since the walking platforms are long, it can be worked on large surfaces with a single setup.

Modular Scaffolding

Modular scaffolding is a scaffold that can be used in all interior and exterior assembly and restoration works. It can be moved as it has a wheeled structure. It provides a fast and practical use due to its mobility. Installation and dismantling is easy. It can be installed at the desired height.

What are the Exterior Scaffolding Standards?

There are some international standards that must be followed in the production of facade scaffolding. These standards have been determined to increase work safety.

  • Braces of exterior scaffolding should be produced in 48.3×3.0mm.
  • Diagonal and horizontal braces should be produced as 48×2.5mm.
  • Braces must be subjected to certain tests and must be TS EN 10219-1 certified.
  • It must have the EN ISO 3834-3 certificate.
  • It must comply with TS-EN 12811-2 standards.

As Gürbüz Scaffolding, we produce and design facade scaffolding systems in compliance with the international standards. You can contact us to design scaffold systems suitable for your needs.