Why is Occupational Safety Important?

Why is Occupational Safety Important?

Why is job security important? When the safety of employees and work areas is ensured; The risk of death and injury is reduced, the personnel is educated and a legal obligation is fulfilled. The prestige of a company or institution that takes the necessary measures on occupational health and safety is also positively affected.

Why is job security important ? what is its purpose? In our country, the duties, authorities and responsibilities of employers and employees are regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331. Accordingly , it is a legal obligation to take OHS measures and ensure that employees receive training on this issue. Ensuring occupational safety is also important in terms of business continuity. Risks such as occupational diseases can be prevented to a great extent when the prescribed measures are taken

Why is Occupational Safety Culture Important?

Occupational health and safety in Turkey is guaranteed by laws and some issues are mandatory for all sectors. While each business area may have its own risks, there are also common risks. For example, the building/construction sector is known as one of the risky areas. Falling from height stands out as an important risk factor in this area.

What does job security mean ? Relevant measures are taken to ensure the safety of work sites and employees. Gürbüz Scaffolding, as a company operating in the building/construction sector, produces high security scaffolding and formwork systems. Our productions are carried out taking into account local and international production / safety standards.

If the health of the employees is not protected, the continuity of the business cannot be ensured. Thus, the prestige of the relevant company or institution decreases and it may face criminal sanctions. The safety of the job and the worker comes first. For this reason, the formation and establishment of occupational safety culture is of great importance for the society in general.

Why is Occupational Safety Important?

Why is Occupational Health and Safety Important?

What does job security mean ? It can be expressed as providing a suitable working environment where employees will feel safe. So why is occupational health and safety important ? Taking OHS measures brings many benefits for both the employee and the employer. The objectives of occupational safety can be listed as follows:

  • To significantly reduce the risk of injury and death of employees.
  • Reducing healthcare costs.
  • Contributing to business efficiency and continuity.
  • To detect possible risks in advance.
  • To plan action against emergencies.
  • To prevent undesirable situations such as fire, explosion, falling from a height.
  • To ensure that employees receive the necessary training.

Why is occupational health and safety training important? This training is compulsory for employees in our country. In order to ensure occupational safety, the personnel must have the necessary training and knowledge in this field. Employees who know how to act in an emergency; It can reduce the probability of death, injury and accident.