Construction Formwork Systems

inşaat kalıp sistemleri

Construction Formwork Systems are extremely safe systems that vary in their applications and operations. It is an important building element. The smoother the formwork is, the higher the load-bearing capacity of the building will be. For this reason, the formwork should be projected by experts and applied by a technical team.

Construction Formwork Systems offer fast and effective solutions as well as easy installation and disassembly. With the up-to-date technologies of the systems, you can reduce the workload and project duration. It also has long-lasting use and easy storage.

Construction Formwork Systems

Where are Construction Formwork Systems Used?

Formwork Systems can be used in the construction of structures such as dams, tunnels, bridges, high retaining walls, multi-storey buildings, small structures and silos. Besides these, it can be preferred in paint, facade, jacketing, insulation, wall construction, siding and facade coating. Under your needs, the system can be adapted to your projects by making minor changes.

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What are Construction Formwork Systems?

Formwork Systems vary in the usage area and shape. In these years, when technology has advanced and production has increased, new and rational “formwork systems” are preferred instead of the old-fashioned “classical formwork”.

Steel column formwork is an ideal system for smooth concrete surfaces. It is long-lasting and does not require plaster. The system has a concrete compressive strength of 40kN/m2. It comprises panels that can be carried by hand. It can be transported with the help of a crane.

It is used by making panels of different sizes and large surfaces. The column formwork are fixed with clamp whose elements are column wedge pin and column clamp chain. The system comprises major elements: wooden beam, plywood, and steel belt.

It is preferred in projects with circular walers of varying diameters. The system consists of plywood, wooden beam and steel waler. By stretching the steel walers with tensioning apparatus, the panels take a circular form.

It consists of suspended platforms on climbing consoles fixed with climbing brackets. Thus, a surface is obtained for the waler to sit on, and a safe and secure working environment is provided. It is possible to move it as a whole with the help of a crane.

Due to the shortage of space, it is a single side formwork system. Concrete pressure is met by pull prop, horizontal walkers and permanent bolts. Since the elements of single side formwork are connected to each other, they can be transported with the help of a crane.


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