Construction Formwork Systems

İnşaat Kalıp Sistemleri

Construction formwork systems are products that can vary according to their usage areas and activities and have safety features in international standards. It is one of the most important building elements in construction. The smoother the mold workmanship in buildings, the higher the load-bearing capacity of the building.

What are construction formwork systems? These systems offer fast and effective solutions thanks to their features such as easy installation and dismantling. With the current technologies used in the preparation of the systems, you can reduce the workload and save time. In addition, with its long-lasting use and easy storage, you can have suitable solutions whenever needed with these systems. Formwork should be designed by professionals with technical knowledge and applied by a technical team.

Construction Column Formwork Systems

What is mold and what are its types? Mold systems vary according to the area of use and shape. In these years when technology advances and production increases; new and rational “mold systems” are preferred instead of old-fashioned “classical molding”. So what are column formwork systems?

İnşaat Kalıp Sistemleri
  • Steel curtain column formworks: Steel curtain wall formworks are ideal systems used for long-lasting and smooth reinforced concrete surfaces that do not require plastering. The system has a concrete compressive strength of 40kN/m2. It consists of hand portable panels. It can be transported with the help of a crane.
  • Circular Formwork with Timber Beams: It is preferred in projects with circular walls of varying diameters. The system consists of 3 main elements: plywood, timber beam and steel curtain braces. Steel braces are stretched with tension apparatus and the panels take a circular form.
  • Timber Beam Curtain Column Formwork: It is used by creating panels of different sizes and large surfaces. Column formwork consists of two L panels. L panels are joined by using outer corner joining piece and anchor shaft. The system consists of 3 main elements: timber beam, plywood and steel bracing.

Construction Formwork Systems Prices

The prices of construction formwork systems can be affected by the size and weight of the systems and the quality of the materials used. The first step in creating a strong and safe structure is a correct foundation. Formwork systems play an important role in creating this foundation in the construction sector.

Material quality is the main factor affecting formwork system prices. Formwork systems can be made of various materials such as wood, steel formwork, aluminum and plastic. The cost can vary depending on the quality and type of material used. The size or nature of the project will also significantly affect the cost. Larger projects will naturally require more formwork materials and labor, which will increase the price.

Some formwork systems, especially those made of steel and aluminum, can be reused on multiple projects. Although this feature makes them more costly, it can make them more economical over time. Because systems that can be used repeatedly in different projects will eliminate the need for new ones and offer a cost-effective solution.

What are the Types of Construction Formwork?

Formwork types can be used in the construction of structures such as dams, tunnels, bridges, high retaining walls, multi-storey buildings, small buildings and silos. In addition to these, it can also be preferred in painting, facade operations, sheathing, insulation, wall construction, facade cladding and coating processes. In accordance with your needs, it can be made suitable for your projects with minor changes to the system.

What are construction formwork elements? It is possible to give examples of different formwork systems in this field. The systems that are fixed to concrete with climbing hangers and formed thanks to the platform created on the climbing consoles are called climbing formwork. Due to the space problem, the systems used in the curtains where one-sided formwork casting will be made are called single-sided formwork.

In single-sided formworks, concrete pressure is met by means of struts, horizontal belts and permanent anchors. Since single-sided formwork elements are connected to each other, they can be transported with the help of a crane. For different scaffolding and formwork systems, you can contact us for detailed information and order requests.