Construction Safety Scaffolding

Construction Safety Scaffolding

The main purpose of the Construction Safety Scaffolding is to prevent injuries to people and prevent bad situations from occurring with the principle of full safety and full protection. Thanks to the security systems added within the scope of the Construction Scaffolding, you can also ensure the protection of the materials and materials used. In this way, you can protect the interests of both the company’s employees and the company, and avoid any financial losses you may encounter.

Construction Safety Scaffolding Systems vary in every sense according to the place of use and even customer preferences. Security Systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of TS EN 10219-1 norm. In this way, our scaffolding systems can fully adapt to different conditions and standards. However, their positions should be determined and mounted in accordance with the TS EN 10219-2 norm while the assembly process is performed at the second or on site.

Safe Construction Scaffolding Usage Areas

Security Scaffolding is generally preferred in the construction of multi-storey high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, and exterior assembly and installation processes. Especially in these places where work hazards and risks increase, the safety of construction workers and people around is ensured. In addition, the area is protected against falls, fires and dangers.

Security Scaffolding is not only used in places where work risk is high. Scaffolding: It is also preferred in facade works, arrangement and renovation processes applied to art and historical buildings, shipbuilding industry, elevator shafts.

Safe Construction Scaffolds

Construction Scaffolding Systems are examined under 2 main headings according to their usage, place and standards.

  • Safe working environment is provided by placing sheet metal planks on each floor of the Safe Exterior Construction Scaffolding . Safe passage between the covered stairs and floors is ensured, and measures are taken against falling. A wall rod is used to fix the system . In this way, distortions, imbalances and oscillations are not seen in the system. Exterior scaffolding systems are produced in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.
  • The Security Under Formwork Scaffolding is multi-purpose and is one of our preferred systems with its installation, dismantling, repeated use and security systems. It is an indispensable building element of contemporary constructions with its proven quality with its economy.

Scaffolding Rental

We continue to break new ground in Turkey with our Rental Security Scaffolding service. Thanks to the systems you can rent, you can profit economically. You can benefit from all of our fast, high-quality and high-standard services that we offer you with just one phone call. Contact us without waiting any longer!