Correct Occupational Safety Solutions

Correct Occupational Safety Solutions

Correct occupational safety solutions can be obtained under the consultancy of experienced companies in accordance with the issues specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331. Ensuring the safety of both the work area and the employee is the main goal.

What is correct occupational safety solutions ? Ensuring occupational safety for all sectors in our country is guaranteed by laws. Organizations or businesses that do not fulfill their responsibilities in this area may face criminal sanctions. In particular, the building, construction and mining sectors pose a high risk. There are many occupational safety services such as workplace medicine, risk analysis and working at height training.

What are the Correct Occupational Safety Solutions?

The most accurate solutions in the field of occupational health and safety are shaped in line with the needs of the sector. For example, working at height training is very important for construction industry workers. At the same time, it is an important issue to produce materials such as scaffolding and formwork systems, which are frequently used in construction sites and various repair and restoration projects, in a safe manner.

Gürbüz Pier carries out its productions taking into account both local and international standards. It develops safe, durable and economical solutions with its qualified engineer staff. Productions are grouped under four main groups;

  • exterior scaffolding systems
  • Security systems
  • Formwork scaffolding systems
  • Formwork systems

The secure systems developed by our company are used in many projects. The warning signs in the work areas and the occupational safety training to be given to the employees contribute to the safe completion of the projects.

Correct Occupational Safety Solutions

Occupational Safety in the Construction Industry

Gürbüz İskele is a company that operates mainly in the building/construction sector. The high-security solutions it produces and the occupational health and safety services it provides are an indication of this. Reaching the right solutions for occupational safety is an issue that many construction company managers put emphasis on.

The right solutions are industry specific, practical and functional. Every industry has different needs. There are also classifications such as high-risk and medium-risk sectors. Examples of risky sectors are construction, mining, chemistry, firearms/explosive production.

In order for the work to continue without interruption and to ensure employee safety, proper planning and OHS should be given due importance. Possible risks should be planned in advance. So, what are the advantages of taking the necessary precautions in the field of occupational safety?

  • A legal obligation is fulfilled.
  • Employees’ life-threatening risks are minimized.
  • Occupational diseases are less likely to occur.
  • Work efficiency increases.
  • The security level of the job site increases and unnecessary/unexpected expenditures are prevented.
  • Employee health expenses are reduced.