Cup-Lock Scaffold Boards

Cup-Lock Scaffold Boards

The system installed with cup-lock scaffold boards is used under the slab and beam formwork and functions as a carrier system. It has locking and load transfer features at the connection points. A rigid frame is created with horizontal and vertical connections, thus creating a safe system in heavy and high slabs.

Cup-lock scaffold boards can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled. The system, which is also preferred as facade scaffolding, provides a very good saving in time and labor. The system consists of horizontal and vertical elements. The horizontal elements are 48 × 3 mm, while the vertical elements are 48 × 3 mm. They have been subjected to mechanical tests. Manufacturing is done with gas welding robots that have EN ISO 3834-3 certificate.

Cup-Lock Scaffold Boards

The system can be used in all types of slab. It consists of elements of different sizes. And it is produced with the pipes that have TS EN 10219-1 certificate. The vertical elements of the system are produced in standard sizes as 50 and 100 cm. It can be combined with four horizontal elements at 90 °. The cup nut made of ductile iron from the horizontal element are passed to the bottom cup and the top cup is hammered by rotated via a hammer. Thus, the horizontal elements with ductile ironed cup nut are locked rigidly in the vertical elements. The system can be produced in different dimensions according to slab loads. It can be used as an alternative of facade scaffolding as well as mobile scaffolding.

The Advantages of Cup-Lock Scaffolding

The height of the scaffold can be precisely adjusted with the help of the adjustment shaft placed on the base. The system has also following advantages:

  • It can be used comfortably on all kinds of land.
  • The system is painted with special anti-rust paints. It can be galvanized on request.
  • As the system has high strength and carrying capacity, it ensures safe use in heavy slabs and high structures.
  • It has extremely simple and fast installation.
  • It can easily adapt to all kinds of projects with ease of loading, unloading, transportation and storage.
  • The height adjustment can be made easily with lower adjustment and upper adjustment shafts.
  • Assembly and disassembly are made through only hammer.
  • The system can be used over and over as it does not have a part to be lost or broken.

Cup-Lock Scaffolding Boards Sale

The system is also called “Cup-Lock, Cuplock Vertical and Slab Formwork” in the market. While plywood is supported with H20 wooden beams in the ridge, depending on the slab loads it is supported with H20 wooden beams or 5-10 / 10 timbers. The main carrier beams are placed on the four-way headers The slab formworks of the Cuplock scaffolding are supported with diagonal elements to reinforce the thickness and height of slab as well as wind loads.