Folding Scaffolding

Folding Scaffolding

Folding scaffolding are modular structures designed for use in the construction industry. It consists of safe construction elements that facilitate access to the places where it is applied with the combination of parts of different sizes.

Folding scaffolding system is designed to ensure maximum safety of workers in high-rise buildings and facade works. It minimises the risk of falling thanks to the equipment on the platform during operation and is produced from different materials such as iron, steel, timber and aluminium according to the construction areas where they are used.

Folding Mobile Scaffolding Systems

Mobile folding scaffolding systems facilitate the ability to use indoors thanks to its wheeled infrastructure. In case of failure of the system, which also offers braking capability, it ensures the safe completion of the work done by getting support from the profiles on the side. Thanks to these structures, whose dimensions can be adjusted according to the desired level, the movement of a single person can be provided according to the desired position. These structures, which provide great convenience thanks to their modular structure, can be folded compactly and take up little space, provide convenience compared to other systems during installation, transportation and post-work storage stages.

Common areas in the use of mobile scaffolds can be listed as construction, electricity, renovation, decoration. While the connections are made one by one in other scaffolding systems, in the mobile system, the parts come as a whole and can be easily installed by following the correct instructions. Since it is a sector based on manpower, these structures, which are produced from light and robust materials in order to work economically and more efficiently, provide work weight and safe operation.

Folding Scaffolding

Since the mobile folding scaffolding system is generally exposed to external factors, they must also withstand rain, sun and winds. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be lifted from where it is located due to its light structure when not in use, and its long life can be ensured by not being exposed to weather opposition. Folding mobile systems provide ease of use thanks to their ergonomic structure. If we classify the exterior scaffolds according to the type of connection system:

  • Flanged Wedge Scaffolding System
  • H Type Safety Facade Scaffolding System
  • Cup Scaffolding System

These scaffolding systems may also vary according to the places where they should be used in construction when necessary. Folding scaffolding, on the other hand, covers the systems mentioned above, but its use is very easy to install and it is possible to apply it to every construction area.