Ringlock System Scaffolding

Ring Lock Scaffolding

Ringlock system scaffolding is one of the most preferred scaffolding systems in the world. It is preferred as it is safe and practical. It is also known as mobile scaffolding.

Ringlock system scaffolding is preferred in exterior and formwork processes. It is installed by fixing horizontal and vertical pipes at the connection points. The reason for being called mobile scaffolding is that it is easy to transport and quick to set up. It has high load carrying capacity. It is a multi-purpose scaffolding that can be used in all kinds of facade works, art structures, industrial facilities, elevator wells, shipbuilding and repair works.

What are the Components of the Ringlock System Scaffolding?

Components of the mobile scaffolding are horizontal and vertical pipes at different sizes. The pipes should be produced in accompliance with TS EN 10219-1 standards and in a diameter of 48.3x3mm. The flange spacing of the vertical elements is standardized as 50 cm or 1 meter. These pipes are connected by following three parts:

  • Rosetta
  • Ledger Head with pin
  • Wedge

How to Assemble Mobile Scaffolding?

Hammer and manpower are sufficient for ringlock scaffolding installation. The floor is leveled with the base jack. With u head or fork head, slab and under beam are leveled. Rosetta gap can be adjusted as 50 cm or 1 meter according to need. The main carrier beams are placed on four-way heads. The mobile scaffolding is set up by fixing the pipes using ledger head with pin and wedge. It is supported with diagonal components to strengthen according to factors such as height, wind, capacity.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Scaffolding?

  • Vertical pipes are not welded. It is lighter and more practical.
  • Mobile Scaffolding takes up less space during transportation.
  • It consists of solid horizontal and diagonal pipes.
  • As the working platforms are long, it is possible to work on larger areas with a single installation.
  • Thanks to node points of mobile scaffolding, it has a carrying capacity of 300 kg / m2.

Prices of Ringlock System Scaffolding

Prices of ringlock scaffolding vary according to many different factors. The price of the scaffold is determined based on some factors such as the usage area, duration and size of scaffold. It may be more advantageous to buy a second-hand ringlock scaffolding instead of a new one. You can contact Gürbüz Scaffolding for second-hand mobile scaffolding.