What is Material Extraction Platform?

What is Material Extraction Platform

Material extraction platform is a system that must be installed on construction sites that require working at height. It helps to move materials safely to the upper floors. It provides great convenience especially when transporting the building materials from a lower floor to a higher floor.

The loads carried by the tower cranes must be transported to the floors safely. Providing high safety at this stage is extremely significant for both safety of employee and material. Material extraction platform can be set up in order to prevent possible accidents, save time and reduce workload.

What is the Material Extraction Platform Used For?

One of the fundamental works in the construction area is the safe transportation of materials from the floor where the work is done to the upper floors. Carrying building materials is especially a great burden on workers. In our country, the followings are the some of the ways used to transport the materials to higher floors:

  • Manually by workers
  • Via roller systems or construction hoist
  • Material loading platforms installed on the sides of the facade.

Material extraction platform is one of the most practical and safest one among these systems. It is an easy and safe way to take the materials used for framework application to the upper floor.

Large loads carried by tower cranes must be transported to floors safely. Since physically it is not possible for cranes to put these materials directly on the floor, a facade lift is installed on the sides of the facade. Cranes deliver the loads to these floors by putting them on these lifts. Thus, both time and workload are saved. Loading platform can easily be moved to the upper floors by means of cranes. The risk of falling reduces with guard railis and steady platform.

What is the Standard of the Material Loading Platform?

Material loading platform installed on the side of the façade should be set up under the supervision of engineers. The installation of the platform, production materials and personnel trainings should be carried out in accordance with certain standards. Considering the standards as below is important for job security.

  • System being subjected to mechanical tests
  • Production from TS EN 10219-1 certified pipes and profiles
  • Welding in accordance with the EN ISO 3834-3 standards
  • The beam system should be extended in both directions
  • Checking beam joints
  • Determination of the maximum load limit
  • Covering the floor and edges with guard rails

It is very important to use safe construction systems if you care about work safety in your constructions and prevention of work accidents. As Gürbüz Scaffolding, we manufacture TSE and ISO certified exterior scaffolds, safety equipment and scaffolding platforms that will maximize construction safety. You can contact us for more information.