Why Use Plywood Formwork?

İnşaatta Plywood Kalıp Neden Kullanılır

Why Use Plywood Formwork? Plywood is lightweight and has high durability. It is an environmentally friendly mold type that is resistant to moisture and water. For this reason, it is highly preferred by construction companies.

The answer to the question “Why Use Plywood Formwork” is related to the requirement of strength. Playwood formwork is formed by overlapping the layers of wood prepared for construction and combining them. Plywood formwork is preferred when a large area needs to be covered with a light but inflexible durable material.

Plywood Formwork Used in Construction Projects?

This type of formwork is used for the formworks prepared for pouring concrete in construction areas, and for the exterior, floor, wall and floor coverings of the buildings. In addition to these, it is also preferred in different areas such as the automobile industry, the interior of pickup trucks and trailers, shipping and furniture. It is produced in four ways: plywood film coated, uncoated, wiremesh, new generation environmentalist.

Plywood Formwork

plywood formwork is very wide. The system is quite secure. It is possible to carry and design the system by crane and by hand. Today, it is the most used system.

playwood formwork, which is one of the products among the scaffolding formwork systems, in many different fields. The system is used in many different areas such as retaining walls, high buildings, industrial buildings, residences, bridges and viaducts.

Plywood formwork is used by creating large surface panels of different sizes. Plywood formwork consists of 2 L panels. L panels are joined by using outer corner joint and anchor shaft.

What are the Advantages of Plywood Formwork?

the weight of the plywood formwork and the advantages it provides, it is possible to understand why it is more preferred. Plywood mold is produced in 2 forms, 18 and 21 mm. 18 mm Plywood weighs 38 kg and 21mm Plywood weighs 45 kg. The system, which has an easy production feature, is easily installed and transported. It may differ systematically and structurally according to the type of trees used during production .

  • DST plywood
  • Colored Plywood
  • Peliform plywood

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