Climbing Formwork Design

Climbing Formwork Design

Climbing Formwork Design is made for unilateral concrete surfaces with high-rise structures. The system has brackets with railing to support the molds. The platform is installed on climbing consoles that are fixed on concrete. With the climbing straps, a surface on which the wall formwork and the platform will fit is created. In addition, a safe working area is provided. It is an ideal formwork system for high-rise buildings that cannot be built at once.

Climbing Formwork Design is made with the experience of Gürbüz Scaffolding to adapt to the construction of different structures. In this system, the formwork is connected with the vertical steel waler and anchor shoes of the bracket, and then it is moved by a crane as a whole. Thus, you will have more time in construction. The buttresses are good for angled concrete pouring.

Constructability Climbing Formwork Design

The system is strongly interconnected with the climbing scaffolding and the climbing formwork. Thus, these parts move together with the help of tower cranes. In addition, the system has the following features:

  • The system saves your time.
  • You do not have to install very high scaffolding under the mold for support.
  • The personnel can work comfortably and safely.
  • It is designed to be used in high-rise buildings at high wind speeds.
  • It has standard parts and they can be used in other projects.
  • It is produced as flat, circular or polygonal.

Self Climbing System

The system allows you to produce fast and safe solutions for high reinforced concrete structures. In general, it is used in facades, building walls, shaft structures and inclined bridge pylons. Mold closing, removal and hydraulic climbing progress rapidly in a certain order. Platforms are designed for your employee’s comfort and it provides protection from wind and bad weather conditions if necessary.

Single Sided Climbing Formwork Systems

This system stands out in terms of cost and efficiency. The system consists of multi-purpose support elements. With its modularity, it fits best to all geometries and requirements.

Rail Climbing Formwork

The most significant advantage of the rail climbing formwork is that it has a system combining the advantages of other systems. Rail-driven climbing mechanism can be used quickly and safely in windy weather. Apart from the crane, climbing hydraulics can also be used on the move . With the scaffolding or climbing protection panels, it is always guided by using rails that can be mounted on the buildings. The climbing shoes can be attached to the walls as well as the slab edges. It is suitable for a wide range of construction needs with the help of a regular perforated modular system.