Installation of Construction Scaffolding

Installation of Construction Scaffolding And Its Considerations

The installation of construction scaffolding is done safely. The system is designed for maximum efficiency. For all these, the installation must be done with care. Gürbüz Scaffolding establishes construction scaffoldings with due regard to safety principles.

The construction scaffold should be installed in accordance with the standards for the employees to move freely and for the system to carry load. Thanks to the system offered by Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems to customers for rent or sale, you can complete all your work on time and deliver at the time you promise. It is preferred by the project owners for the ease of use and installation of construction scaffold.

Installation of Construction Scaffolding And Its Considerations

Our company manufactures the various types of construction scaffolding in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards and to in accordance with the universal standards.

The issues that our company considers during the installation for the safety of our employees and the people in the environment are as follows:

  • Qualified personnel of Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems establish scaffoldings within a certain plan by considering the principles specified in the user manual.
  • The jack base is used to distribute the load transferred to the ground over a larger area and to create a safe environment.
  • Adjustable or fixed base plates are used in order to install the scaffolding on the surface balance depending on the slope of the ground.
  • The entrances and exits to the scaffolding are made from a secure area. And the entrances and exits to area where the installation of construction scaffolding are made are not allowed before the installation is completed.
  • The working platforms placed along the floors of the scaffold are placed and fixed in the way that there are no gap between them.
  • Starting from the first platform, toeboard, mid rail and guard rail are installed on all scaffold floors.

The Standards of Construction Scaffolding

Gürbüz Scaffolding for the Installation of Scaffolding and Formwork Systems considers the safety and work efficiency of its customers. For this, its all the fully safe scaffolding and formwork systems are manufactured in accordance with global standards and safety principles. In this regard, before setting up fully safe scaffolding and formwork systems, a number of standards have been set so that installation is carried out in accordance with these standards. Gürbüz Scaffolding also provides Project Planning and Supervision services in all its services related to full secure scaffolding and formwork systems produced in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.

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