Modular Facade Scaffolding

Modular Facade Scaffolding

Modular Facade Scaffolding is one of our systems which are used for all kinds of facade, art and historical building restorations, industrial facilities, shipyard, elevator well and construction of bridge and viaduct. Modular facade scaffoldings are easily and fastly installed. Also, it is safe in any aspect. Safe working environment is provided by putting scaffold planks on each floor. Attic ladders provide safe passage between floors. The system is connected with tiji in order to immobilized. Modular Facade Scaffoldings are produced in compliance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.

Modular Facade Scaffolding: The main purposes of Modular Facade Scaffoldings are to prevent people from injuries based on the principle of full safety and protection, to provide preservation of materials used, and to consider benefits of both firm and employees.

In addition to those services we provide, it is used in houses, high buildings, business districts and shopping malls especially in recent years. Lots of our customers have benefited the advantages of  Modular Facade Scaffoldings and satisfied highly in our projects such as industrial buildings, power plants, hospital or any kind of health facilities, renovation. You can contact our customer service to get the best prices and services at the highest standards.

Features of Modular Facade Scaffoldings

  • Modular Facade Scaffoldings is a wheeled system used in all kinds of installation and restoration projects in the interior and exterior of the buildings.
  • Thanks to its easy, quick assembly and disassembly feature, it is an extremely safe system that saves time and labor.
  • Light weight enables to move it easily. And also the desired height can be reached due to its 75 cm frame.
  • Your scaffold is installed based on your desire with a range of size option that are 1,50m x 1,50m, 2,00m x 2,00m, 2,5m x2,5m veya 3,00m x 3,00 m.
  • Vertical frames in 42 x 2.5 section, and horizontal and diagonal elements in 27 × 2.5mm sections are manufactured from The pipes are TS EN 10219-1 certified subjected to mechanical tests.
  • Production is carried out according to EN ISO 3834-1 welding quality standards by using arc
  • The walking platforms are capable of carrying 300kg / m2 and are produced in Roll-Forming machine.

Modular Exterior Scaffolding Systems are manufactured as hot dip galvanized or industrial painted according to customer demand. With project planning and rental services, you can benefit from our service quality at the best prices and the highest standards. All you have to do is contact us. You can also be informed about our new products by following our social media accounts.