Scaffolding Ladder

scaffolding ladder

Thanks to the ladder scaffolding, it is possible to carry out your work in such a way that there is no unreachable space in the construction.

Ladder Scaffolding has two types which are metal and aluminum. Different models and options are available in heights from 2 meters to 14 meters. The professional scaffoldings, which have EN 1004 certificate, are produced to meet your needs in working in high areas. With rope, roller and rising models, we supply all our customers according to their requests.

Scaffolding Ladder for Sale

The special ladder alloyed with aluminum has anti-slip steps which are specially designed. It is manufactured from long lasting stainless material and is suitable for industrial use. Other features of modular scaffolding systems are as follows:

  • Maximum strength
  • Safe system guardrails
  • Easy to move and fix due to wheels and baseplates (stabilizer)
  • Easy to move with its wide platform

Mobile (Portable) Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder

Portable Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder can be used in two different way according to your needs as aluminum scaffold or aluminum ladder. Portable Aluminum Scaffold Ladder aims to meet your needs by gathering scaffolding and ladder into a group.

It is designed not only for the need of aluminum scaffolding but also for the need of stairs if it is dismantled. The Ladder, which is actually one piece, consists of 2 pieces and is produced to be used by sliding.

Its strength, lightness and safety are the other advantages of this product. The height of the platform is adjustable. Toeboard eliminates the dangers that may occur during operation and also can be used in higher or lower steps of ladder as required.

  • It can be used as both scaffolding and ladder.
  • he height of the platform is adjustable.
  • It is light, robust and safe

Safe Work Instructions on Scaffolding Ladder

  • The ladders will be checked before starting work.
  • If ladder is faulty, broken, cracked, contains oil or slippery material, it will not be used.
  • The ladders shall be firmly placed on the floor before use.
  • When climbing up or down ladder, the face will always give on to the ladder.
  • The top two steps of the ladder will never be used.
  • Metal ladders shall not be used for electrical works.
  • The ladder will not be left at the work area after the work is completed.
  • The ladder will never be painted.
  • In working in high areas, employees will not pass under these places.
  • Warning signs and tapes will be placed around the area under the works in high
  • Those who work in high places shall not carry tools and materials in their pockets.
  • At the end of the work, hand tools and equipment will be left in a safe place.
  • Broken, cracked and slippery ladders will not be used.