Safe Exterior Scaffolding Systems

Safe Exterior Scaffolding Systems

Safe exterior scaffolding systems find a wide area of use in all kinds of construction and facade works, arrangement and restoration applications. In addition, exterior scaffolding systems are used in industrial facilities, shipbuilding, elevator shafts, and exterior assembly and installation processes.

Safe exterior scaffolding systems are in high demand throughout the country and even in the world, especially in metropolises such as Ankara and Istanbul. The usage areas of these systems are quite wide. systems; It can be designed in different ways such as wedged scaffolding , flanged scaffolding and spider scaffolding . Production should be carried out according to certain standards and without sacrificing material quality.

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Safe Exterior Scaffolding Systems Prices

installation of facade scaffolding systems is simple, fast and safe in all respects. The main purpose of the systems is to prevent people from being harmed with the principle of full safety and protection. Ensuring the protection of the materials used and taking care of the benefits of the employees and the company are also among the important objectives.

The basic principles of Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems;

  • High quality
  • Good management of time
  • Propriety
  • trust and
  • Customer happiness

It can be sorted. The scaffolding systems we produce are designed with great care. Important factors such as the ratio and density of materials used in production are carefully determined. What should be considered when installing the scaffolding system?

Gürbüz Pier creates a safe working environment by adding sheet metal planks to each floor in the production of safe exterior scaffolding . Thanks to the covered stairs, the safety of passage between floors is ensured. A wall connection rod is used to fix the system . Exterior scaffolding is manufactured in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.

So how much is the exterior scaffolding price? Prices, scaffolding systems

  • to type,
  • to your size,
  • It may vary according to its technical specifications.

Safe Exterior Scaffolding System Regulation

There are some standards that determine the points to be considered in the manufacture of construction scaffolds. Gürbüz Pier fully complies with these standards so that all scaffolding structures it manufactures do not compromise on safety. Our company, which attaches special importance to occupational health and safety, also provides consultancy services in this field.

Exterior scaffolding regulation regulates scaffolding installation standards and workplace safety criteria. Although there is no specific regulation for exterior scaffolding, the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 regulates the issues in this area. Regulations are created according to the articles of this law. Laws and regulations,

  • Installation of scaffolds
  • use of
  • Features of materials used in production
  • Ideal scaffolding design
  • security systems to be used

It organizes. As Gürbüz Pier, we produce not only in accordance with safety standards, but also in accordance with the standards determined for long-lasting use. The standards on this subject are approved by both national and international organizations.

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How Should a Safe Scaffolding Be?

If the scaffolding is secure, workers can easily focus on their work. Moreover, since the employer takes the necessary precautions, it fulfills its responsibilities. In cases such as non-compliance with safety standards and failure to take occupational health and safety measures, the employer company may be penalized. In the event of a possible accident, he may be held responsible.

A secure scaffolding can be used for construction, maintenance, repair or demolition work. When considered in terms of worker health, one of the most risky sectors is construction. Therefore, safety precautions must be strictly observed. What are the components of a secure pier?

  • Main carrier (panel)
  • horizontal railings
  • cross railings
  • Security platforms
  • durable ladders

Thanks to the diagonal connection pipes in a safe pier, the durability of the system under load is increased. Scaffolding safety pipes also ensure the safety of the end parts.

the prices of second hand scaffolding ? Prices may vary depending on the condition, type and technical details of the scaffold. There are also options such as rental scaffolding . You can contact us for up-to-date price information about our productions or for your purchase requests.